Parties in Nigeria are a big part of the Nigerian culture; with souvenirs being the crowning glory of any self respecting celebrant… it doesn’t matter if it is a wedding, birthday, housewarming or even a burial. Truth be told, your party/owanbe isn’t complete without souvenirs for your guests. It is a sign of your appreciation for their acceptance of your invitation and also a way to keep the memory of your celebration evergreen in their minds.

Getti brings you a list of things to consider when shopping for souvenirs guaranteed to make you the hostess with the mostest.


Consider your budget when shopping for party souvenirs. In most cases, your budget will usually influence the kind of souvenirs you will eventually buy. So it’s important the souvenirs you have in mind are affordable enough for you to buy the required quantities to cater for your guests.


The first thing that you must consider when shopping for party souvenirs is the usefulness of the items you want to share. You don’t want to leave a negative impression behind by giving your guests souvenirs that are not useful to them. Purchase only party souvenirs that will be useful to the kind of guests you have invited to your event.


Because your guests aren’t going to spend the rest of their lives at your event centre, it’s crucial you consider the size of the kind of party souvenirs you intend to share. Giving out party souvenirs that are going to be an inconvenience for the guests to take home is a big turn off. There’s a reason why they are called party souvenirs in the first place. They should be handy enough for your guests to carry back home either in their personal cars or public transports. It is best to give out physically heavy items like fridges, TV sets etc as gift cards that can be converted to those items from the seller.


Owanbe parties in Nigeria are never scarce of guests; both invited AND uninvited aka mo gbo mo ya. The least number of people you can get at a conservative or exclusive party in Nigeria is 50 guests. Although you may already have an estimated number of guests, it’s usually better to make room for additional guests when shopping for party souvenirs. It’s not polite to your guests when they honour your occasion and they are told the souvenirs you planned to give them have finished. Always plan for party crashers.


Consider your guest’s age group and gender. How old are your guests? Do all your guests fall under the same age group? Choose age-appropriate gifts. It is also a good idea to separate souvenirs for men and women.


The issue of relevance mustn’t be taken lightly when shopping for party souvenirs for your next event. A souvenir can be useful to a certain calibre of guests and end up as trash for another kind of guest.

You must have been to a party where some of the guests left their souvenirs behind. Now that’s a classical example of relevance. It doesn’t mean the souvenirs weren’t useful, it just meant they weren’t acceptable to that particular guest.

Know your guests. If you know the kind of guests that have been invited to your occasion, then it will be easy to segment them when shopping for party souvenirs. Bear in mind when you go shopping for party souvenirs that some guests are more equal than others. Souvenirs for general guests should be different from those for special guests


Nigerians are beginning to enjoy and embrace themed parties. Do you have a theme for your party? Set a theme for your party and choose giveaways based on your theme. For example, if you are having a music-themed party, you can choose items that feature the music icons you have chosen.

Guests love when you give them a gift that says something about you. If you love candles, choose a small candle in a tin that matches the colour of your party.

Pick up some souvenirs that coordinate with the color scheme of your party. It will look really nice as an accent to your decorations.

Pick out a favor that your family and friends will love. Maybe you come from a family who loves wine and cheese. Select a small sample wine bottle and box of cheese. It will surely be a crowd pleaser.